Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Future forest

As Chloe, Bella and Holly were playing tag on the beach, Chloe saw something shining in the water. It looked like a bottle. A while later, a bottle washed up on the shore.

Chloe rushed to grab the bottle. As soon as she took the crusty dry map out of the bottle, she read it out loud to her sister. Little did the girls know that all their questions were about to be answered. Suddenly out of nowhere, a magical wave dashed over Chloe and her sisters. Stunned in amazement, the girls opened their eyes and the forest in the map was right before their eyes.
With nerves in her voice, Holly mumbled under her breath,
“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Bella quickly replied.
“Just take a deep breath and we'll all go in together”.

“3..2...1…RUN!” The three girls shouted. They could feel the squishy, wet mud under their feet. Hours later, the three girls found themselves lost, in the deep dark forest. As they walked on, they felt the mud squish between their toes. They could hear noises coming from ahead. The three girls could hear a voice,
“Help me I’m stuck!”
It was getting louder and louder as they walked on. Finally they had come to an end.
“Help!” They could still hear someone calling, but they just didn’t know where the voice was coming from.
“Do you think we should try and find him Holly?”
“It's quite scary!”replied Bella quietly.
“Hey guys, I think I found a button over here,”Announced Chloe.
“I don't think we should push it Chloe”.
“Then I'll push it,” Chloe replied confidently. All of a sudden Chloe pushed the button and a secret cage formed out in front of them all.
“Oh thank you, thank you, for helping me out.
It was to dark in there”, announced a short skinny man.
“Oh sorry, my name is Dave nice to meet you”.
“Um, hi my name is Bella, this is Chloe, and Holly, my sisters.”
“We were kind of wondering if you could lead us home because we are lost, we have no idea where we are, and we really, really want to go home.”
“Well since you got me out of there, it's the least I could do.” replied Dave.
The 4 of them walked on, they went into a secret cage to get to the other side. As soon as they walked into the secret cage, they could see the most amazing things!
“Oh my gosh, is that a FLYING PIG?” yelled holly.
“Do you think this is the future forest that was in your book that you were reading earlier?” Asked Chloe.
“Yeah! This is AMAZING!!!!” Shouted the three girls.

Hours later, they we're back on the beach. They could still see the waves crashing on the golden sand. The 3 girls then thanked Dave for helping them get home. After Dave left, they then gently placed the old crusty map back inside the bottle and watched it float away on the shining sparkling blue water. And traveled safely back to their home.

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