Thursday, 7 September 2017

The unexpected

Have you ever, had a time when something just didn't go as you expected? Like not getting the lead role, or thinking your going to get a present when you don't. These kind of things are happening every day. Which reminds me of a time when I was at drama.

I was just sitting there, I couldn't stay still. I was moving around impatiently, until they finally got to the part. The part we had all been waiting for. When they announced what our roles were. I was pretty sure that I would get the main role. I was shivering with excitement. Until they announced my role, I was a… Tree! I was 90% sure that I would get the main role, but no. I was a tree, a stinky old tree. I mean there must be some kind of mistake, how could I have got a tree?
But at the show, I still put in 100% so that maybe next year I would get a better role.

Moving on from all of this tree stuff. I remember this one time when I was going shopping, I was so eager to get the biggest most rarest little pet shop there was. I finally found it. The little pet shops were cramped up inside of a huge box.
When I got home, I opened the box. Revealing a few little pet shops at the bottom. The box was basically filled with air, I was so excited but my hopes were vanished. I was so frustrated, all my hopes were completely crushed into little pieces.

Speaking of presents, that reminds me of my 8th birthday. I was waiting for my Mum to bring out my presents. She came out with four presents stacked on top of each other.
She gave me one and started to sing happy birthday to me.  
I had joy filled up in my heart, as I gazed at the present hoping there might be a phone lying there. As I ripped threw the present, my big happy smile slowly failed away I just stared at the gift.
“It was meant to be a phone not a book!”
My hopes were all lost, my Mom thought I had enjoyed the present so she gave me a little smile.

A painful experience that has not gone as I expected was at Christmas. When, I really wanted to get my parents attention. I was about to do a cartwheel, I started screaming my head off for my parents to see. I was waving my hands about in the air. My parents finally looked over at me, I smiled and got ready to do a cartwheel. I bent over, then… CRASH! I face planted into the cold grass. My parents grinned at me and my Dad said, “Better luck next time.”

So next time when something doesn't go as you expected, I suggest that you shouldn't get your hopes up too high. Because, there is a chance that it won't go quite as you thought.

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