Sunday, 23 July 2017

The tree disaster

From time to time, after the school bell rung, when the weather was warm enough, my friends and I would scatter into the bushes and start to play imaginary games. We would scramble up into a tree and pretend to be princesses or we would go on mini adventures. Each day we would be someone or do something different.
But on one particular day we were soaring through the sky (not literally though), pretending to do lots of loop the loops (also known as flips on the branches.) But also on that one particular day we heard something strange like a creaky noise followed by a big sudden crack, followed by two screaming girls falling out of a big high tree. Then thump! We had landed. We looked up to see a teacher staring down at us. We were stunned frozen to the spot. Suddenly the teacher shouted at us in a big loud voice “ What do you think you're doing!”
We looked down staring down at the ground “S-s-sorry” we mumbled under our breath. We stumbled up onto the ground and started marching back to class then out of nowhere my best friend said…
“That all happened because of you!”
I thought for a bit then replied “No it was your fault for jumping on the branch!”
From that day on we made a deal to never play in that tree again! Now when we pass that tree we think of our memories there.  But instead of thinking of it being the best tree ever we call it the disaster tree!

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