Monday, 26 June 2017

Science journal

Week: 8: Flight

This week our class has been looking at the difference between flying and gliding. We noticed that flying is a controlled movement, and gliding is not. We have also been looking at the differences between birds and planes, an example of a similarity is, that they both fly. A difference that they both have is that is that birds flap their wings to fly. But planes use a engine and keep their wings in the same place to fly. Another thing that we have been learning about is the four forces of flight lift, thrust, weight and drag. We learnt that weight is pushing the object forwards, drag is a force that acts against thrust, and slows the object down. Thrust is the forward force required to move a plane through the air, and lift is helping the plane to fly.

I had quite a lot of wonderings during this time. This is one: what would happen if the engine stopped working, on a plane? I wonder if the plane would just fall straight down or if it would kind of fall down on a diagonal?

When I am gathering my data I'm I think that I am relational, because I know that the reader can trust my data to be correct, and I know we're to put my findings so that the rest of the writing flows well together. I think that my inferences are also relational, because I know how, why, when and what I need to do to make my inferences reliable and make sense.

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