Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Camp high ropes

Knock, knock, knock. We all sit up straight wondering who’s at the door this
The person comes charging in. “You're STILL asleep” Ms Smith says in a surprise squeaky voice. We all moan in a annoying voice “ yeah….  it's like 5:30,am”
after we all stopped moaning she said “Chop Chop were nearly starting our first activity.”

A few hours later I found myself looking up then after about 10,000 meters I saw the top. I thought to myself how on earth am I going to climb up there without falling off! Then after a while of explaining and panicking as worried as I was I finally stepped onto the thin wire. Then one of the instructors Amy shouts out “don't worry you can't fall.”
 I close my eyes and take a deep breath and start to walk “hay I'm starting to get the hang of this.”
I said. Suddenly I start to wobble and you guessed it I fell, but the worst part was that the person holding me up wasn't looking. Then as quickly as I could I grabbed the rope and hung there for a while then finally I started coming down when I was down Amy asked me if I was ok and if I wanted to try again. And in a flash I was up again I jumped onto the wrecking ball and sang I came in like a wrecking ball. I wondered to myself will I fall off again will I hurt myself.

Being scared at camp was not the only feeling I had I was also proud, a lot.
 When I got up to the log, I froze. I thought to myself ok this time it has to be a joke. Am I going to to get to the other side? I sat on the log and attempted to butt-shuffle. Then Amy shouts out “Stand up and walk to the other side - it will be a lot faster than but-shuffling.”
 I think for a second I guess it will be faster to walk. After a lot of thinking I struggled to to stand up. I slowly started walking on the log after a while I got my balance, as soon as I stood up I started feeling very proud because no one in our group had stood up on the log or even got up to the log. As soon as I got to the pole at the end of the log I wondered to myself, what else could I have done instead of walking across?

At camp when I was doing the high ropes I was proud twice when…I finally started to climb up the rings onto the pole. When I got to the top and touched the pole I felt a shiver run down my spine, to me that told me that I was very proud because I had done it and I had achieved my goal that I made at the start ( I did not think that I would actually do it.) Then I wondered how long did it take me to do that course?

Overall I enjoyed high ropes the most because I achieved my goal, pushed myself and I did more than I thought I could do. I think that I achieved more than just the goal that I made at the start, because I also really pushed myself out of my comfort zone because usually I would never go as high as I did.

This is my class at camp!


  1. Rosa, I think you've improved from last year. I loved the part when you exaggerated by saying... 10,000 meters in the air. (Or you might be saying it literally). Anyways keep up the great writing!!!
    From Gabz!

  2. Hi Rosa

    You are a great writer you really make sure that you have detail in the piece of writing you have done so well. I think you are a great writer

    Thanks Lila 😂