Monday, 29 May 2017

Science journal

Week: 3: Drag
This week our class has been looking at the difference between our balloon rocket with and without paper. Our first trial was without paper. We noticed that our balloon rocket flew 3 and a half meters. The movement that it had was fast, it started to go in circles at halfway and at the end it still had a lot of air left in it at the end. It was round, circular and it looked like it was dissolving in something when the air came out. The data that we noticed on the balloon rocket with paper was the movement it had was slow and it kind of reminded me of a T.V stopping and then starting. The sound it had was kind of like a plan. The shape it was was like someone jumping on a trampoline because it was going up and down and up and down on the string the distance it went was 2 and a half meters. During these experiments I learnt that the balloon rocket without paper went further and faster than the balloon rocket with paper. The balloon rocket with paper went a lot slower because it didn’t even move. I think that the rocket with paper had more weight on it and had a force pushing it down there for it went slower because it had to try to carry more weight across the wire. I think that my gathering data is relational because I can say why this data is so important and what would corse this to happen in my data. I think that my inferences are also relational because I know how, why and when and how to do this so that my inferences make scenes.

Week: 4: Trebuchet
This week our class has been looking at a trebuchet and what kind of forces it needs to fire. We noticed that on our first trial the wait it  had to carry was 4 fishing waits. The projectile was a tennis ball and the length it went was 8.2 meters. The 10th trial had 15 waits in it the projectile was also a tennis ball, and the distance was 30.5 meters. I noticed that the first trial went a lot shorter than the last trial. I think that that happened because the first time when it was swinging around it was quite
slow, but the second time when it was swinging it was a lot faster. So seeing that happen I think that the last time it went faster because it had more force behind it. I wonder if if you put more waits in the projectile it would go faster. I think that my data is relational because I know that you can trust my data to be correct, and I know we're to put my data so that the rest of the writing flows well together. I think that my inferences are multistructural because I have used several pieces of data, but I'm not sure they connect well together.

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