Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Responsible citizen reflection.

This year we have been learning about responsible citizens.When I first started writing on how to be responsible citizen, I had know ideas on what to do my mind was blank.

At first I was multistructural because I knew I was being a responsible citizen by being trustworthy, caring for others and being a helpful bystander but I wasn't sure why it was so important to be a responsible citizen.

I now know that to be a responsible citizen you have to be trustworthy so if you ask for something you give it back and you have to be a helpful bystander and stand up for kids getting bullied, you have to care for others treat them how you want to be treated, and you have to be a role model and do the right thing. This year I have been a responsible citizen by putting my hand up for things such as

       Helping people put the books back and getting books out.
Radio DJs
       To tell people what is going on.
orchestra, flute and ukulele
       Letting people enjoy the music
wet day monitor
    Letting teachers have a break without worrying what's going on.
Picking up rubbish!
      Helping to make the environment clean.

My project helps to be a responsible citizen because you are giving up some of your time to help

others, and teach them something that you are experienced about. My project helps to think about others and think if they will enjoy learning something that you like.

Overall I think that I would rate myself extended abstract because I have learnt a lot about being a responsible citizen and I can help others to be a responsible citizen and do the right thing.

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