Monday, 10 October 2016

Swim for life

This term our class has been focusing on doing speeches. I have been learning to use rhetorical questions, vivid verbs, precise nouns, idioms and small stories that connect to your life. My main focus was to hook the reader in and to connect with the audience. I think I went well because I put lots of stories about my swimming experiences.I think that my speech is well organised because it shows connection’s and I think it flows well and all my idea’s connect.In my speech I used several language devices to persuade and connect with the audience.I think I performed my speech well because I connected with the audience well and anyway when I was saying it I was shaking like mad.  I was really surprised because I managed to get into the finals.

Please tap here to listen to my speech
Swim for life
If there was only one sport to be taught in New Zealand what do you think it should be?

Perhaps hockey because it is good for learning new skills, or rugby because there is a lot of running, or horse riding because you need great balance.
Well I think everyone in New Zealand needs to learn to swim.

Swimming is a really fun sport and you can do competitions, like zones, centrals and all different things.  And if you really tried a lot you could even go to the Olympics. My goal is to go to the Olympics because I went to zones and centrals!

Yes I know it can be really scary. Once when I started swimming and hopped in the pool, I started screaming and everyone stopped what they were doing and just stared at me. But now I'm a great swimmer.The hardest part of swimming is doing the strokes, because you have to kick really fast and pull under water, and you will go pretty fast and you would also get really strong.

Did you know that swimming is actually a really safe sport? It can even save your life if you are drowning. Once when I went swimming at the beach my mum said, “OK Rosa can you go and find a good place on the beach for us, but don't go and start swimming.”
But did I listen? No! No I didn't. I found a sunny spot with not many waves. So I chose to go for a swim in the nice blue water and when the water got up to my waist, I couldn't hold my ground and a wave swept me up. I had no idea what to do, but then I realised mum was right. I'm really going to get told off. Wait!  I know how to get safely back to shore so I swam my hardest and then before I knew it I was back at the surface. And, after I got told off, I was really happy that I knew how to swim. I was also thinking next time I think I'm going to listen to my mum and I'm not going to ignore her!

Sometimes when you are angry or sad, swimming can help because when you get in the water and start swimming, you become calm. Once I was really angry at my mum because she said that there is going to be a wedding on my birthday, and I had already planned it all! I got so annoyed at her. Then she said “Looks like someone needs a swim.” So we hopped in the car and after my lesson I felt happier.

If swimming was the one sport everyone in New Zealand learned at school, then there would be ONE thing that would have to be certain...that teachers made swimming fun,and not like a horrible experience like the 400m nonstop swim I had to do at Graham Condon last year! When I did it I was crying my eyes out and they felt like they were made of sea water! The stroke I had to do was freestyle. My worst stroke!

Now that you know how fun swimming really is, do you think it is right for you? If it is, go ahead and give it a go because no one is stopping you from trying, and you might be surprised.You could be really good at swimming! And if everyone in New Zealand learned to swim,I think that it could change the world a little bit, it would be a safer, happier world.


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