Monday, 30 May 2016

Tree climbing

Tree climbing
I rush to get my harness and helmet on.  “You're ready to climb,” our coach Jess says.
I mumble  to say yes. As I start to climb up the ladder, I look up. I'm going to get up there. I mean I will try to get up there.

I came to a spot in the tree,I looked up I had to jump, I closed my eyes and jumped. Yes! I made it I made it to the top. I shout out “Sushi,” the word to get down. I start to abseil down the tree. 
I look up It starts to rain. I feel like I am in a shower. I knew that by the time I'm down I will be soaking and shivering.

I was right. I am soaking and shivering and it is my turn to help Lila in the tree. Lila was halfway up the tree when suddenly I heard her shout out “Sushi.” She wanted to come down. I was concerned I did not know what to do.But Jess appeared beside me and told me what to do.  I listened really carefully and then did what she said. Until Lila was down onto the ground
After everyone in my group was down we went over to the other tree and Jess was waiting for us there. Jess said “It is time to go back everyone.”
We all said thank you and then we started going back. I was still shaking,soaking and trembling when I got back to our camp.

In my writing I was working on writing in the present, writing in paragraphs and not going from the present to the past tense. Present tense is right now so you're making your story in the present tense. Sometimes me and my friends swapped ipads and gave each other critique. Critique is when you go to someone and they give you feedback and say what they think you could improve on and how you can improve on it. Then with their feedback you keep improving on till it is better and you like it. 

I think I was going well because I didn't go from the present to the past tense and I was using paragraphs.  I think the hardest part of my story was the start because I was trying to hook the reader and make them want to read on. The present tense is for an example I rush to get my helmet on or I rushed to get my helmet on in the past tense.

I think my next step is to help some other people and give them some feedback on their writing I also think my next step is to use some more connecting words like so and to use because a bit more.

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