Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Pip and pop

The land is a blanket covering the marshmallows hidden underground.

The howling wolf wind goes around the town and through the forest.

I see people walking in and out of shops they turn into confused animals.

Pets going crazy if someone walked past they threw them a surprise party.

The sky wears a Diamond rainbow necklace it's going to a party
Can I eat the sugar?
Is the ground made out of sugar?
Are the houses and animals made out of sugar?

                              Pip and pop by Tanya Schulz

I am learning to write ekphrastic poetry (writing a poem about a piece of art)
I think I am going well because I can write many sentences using metaphors but I need some help to get started.
My next step is to connect the metaphors together to help the reader build a image. 


  1. its a really good poem and i a good idaer of doing pip and pop

  2. Hi rosa I really like your blog it is amazing, I love it.
    I like how you say the land is a blanket covering the marshmallows hidden underground.😋