Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Future forest

As Chloe, Bella and Holly were playing tag on the beach, Chloe saw something shining in the water. It looked like a bottle. A while later, a bottle washed up on the shore.

Chloe rushed to grab the bottle. As soon as she took the crusty dry map out of the bottle, she read it out loud to her sister. Little did the girls know that all their questions were about to be answered. Suddenly out of nowhere, a magical wave dashed over Chloe and her sisters. Stunned in amazement, the girls opened their eyes and the forest in the map was right before their eyes.
With nerves in her voice, Holly mumbled under her breath,
“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Bella quickly replied.
“Just take a deep breath and we'll all go in together”.

“3..2...1…RUN!” The three girls shouted. They could feel the squishy, wet mud under their feet. Hours later, the three girls found themselves lost, in the deep dark forest. As they walked on, they felt the mud squish between their toes. They could hear noises coming from ahead. The three girls could hear a voice,
“Help me I’m stuck!”
It was getting louder and louder as they walked on. Finally they had come to an end.
“Help!” They could still hear someone calling, but they just didn’t know where the voice was coming from.
“Do you think we should try and find him Holly?”
“It's quite scary!”replied Bella quietly.
“Hey guys, I think I found a button over here,”Announced Chloe.
“I don't think we should push it Chloe”.
“Then I'll push it,” Chloe replied confidently. All of a sudden Chloe pushed the button and a secret cage formed out in front of them all.
“Oh thank you, thank you, for helping me out.
It was to dark in there”, announced a short skinny man.
“Oh sorry, my name is Dave nice to meet you”.
“Um, hi my name is Bella, this is Chloe, and Holly, my sisters.”
“We were kind of wondering if you could lead us home because we are lost, we have no idea where we are, and we really, really want to go home.”
“Well since you got me out of there, it's the least I could do.” replied Dave.
The 4 of them walked on, they went into a secret cage to get to the other side. As soon as they walked into the secret cage, they could see the most amazing things!
“Oh my gosh, is that a FLYING PIG?” yelled holly.
“Do you think this is the future forest that was in your book that you were reading earlier?” Asked Chloe.
“Yeah! This is AMAZING!!!!” Shouted the three girls.

Hours later, they we're back on the beach. They could still see the waves crashing on the golden sand. The 3 girls then thanked Dave for helping them get home. After Dave left, they then gently placed the old crusty map back inside the bottle and watched it float away on the shining sparkling blue water. And traveled safely back to their home.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Rocket writing

Once upon a time there was a man that looked like a scarecrow. He lived in a lost village kind of like smurf village except it was evil. There was skeletons, ghosts, goopy green water, crooked bridges and alive houses. Nobody has ever heard of this scary place, but there is one person that went to see this village he took his toy doll with him. When they got there as soon as they took a step closer to the village the doll became alive and nobody has ever seen the man since.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

The unexpected

Have you ever, had a time when something just didn't go as you expected? Like not getting the lead role, or thinking your going to get a present when you don't. These kind of things are happening every day. Which reminds me of a time when I was at drama.

I was just sitting there, I couldn't stay still. I was moving around impatiently, until they finally got to the part. The part we had all been waiting for. When they announced what our roles were. I was pretty sure that I would get the main role. I was shivering with excitement. Until they announced my role, I was a… Tree! I was 90% sure that I would get the main role, but no. I was a tree, a stinky old tree. I mean there must be some kind of mistake, how could I have got a tree?
But at the show, I still put in 100% so that maybe next year I would get a better role.

Moving on from all of this tree stuff. I remember this one time when I was going shopping, I was so eager to get the biggest most rarest little pet shop there was. I finally found it. The little pet shops were cramped up inside of a huge box.
When I got home, I opened the box. Revealing a few little pet shops at the bottom. The box was basically filled with air, I was so excited but my hopes were vanished. I was so frustrated, all my hopes were completely crushed into little pieces.

Speaking of presents, that reminds me of my 8th birthday. I was waiting for my Mum to bring out my presents. She came out with four presents stacked on top of each other.
She gave me one and started to sing happy birthday to me.  
I had joy filled up in my heart, as I gazed at the present hoping there might be a phone lying there. As I ripped threw the present, my big happy smile slowly failed away I just stared at the gift.
“It was meant to be a phone not a book!”
My hopes were all lost, my Mom thought I had enjoyed the present so she gave me a little smile.

A painful experience that has not gone as I expected was at Christmas. When, I really wanted to get my parents attention. I was about to do a cartwheel, I started screaming my head off for my parents to see. I was waving my hands about in the air. My parents finally looked over at me, I smiled and got ready to do a cartwheel. I bent over, then… CRASH! I face planted into the cold grass. My parents grinned at me and my Dad said, “Better luck next time.”

So next time when something doesn't go as you expected, I suggest that you shouldn't get your hopes up too high. Because, there is a chance that it won't go quite as you thought.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

The tree disaster

From time to time, after the school bell rung, when the weather was warm enough, my friends and I would scatter into the bushes and start to play imaginary games. We would scramble up into a tree and pretend to be princesses or we would go on mini adventures. Each day we would be someone or do something different.
But on one particular day we were soaring through the sky (not literally though), pretending to do lots of loop the loops (also known as flips on the branches.) But also on that one particular day we heard something strange like a creaky noise followed by a big sudden crack, followed by two screaming girls falling out of a big high tree. Then thump! We had landed. We looked up to see a teacher staring down at us. We were stunned frozen to the spot. Suddenly the teacher shouted at us in a big loud voice “ What do you think you're doing!”
We looked down staring down at the ground “S-s-sorry” we mumbled under our breath. We stumbled up onto the ground and started marching back to class then out of nowhere my best friend said…
“That all happened because of you!”
I thought for a bit then replied “No it was your fault for jumping on the branch!”
From that day on we made a deal to never play in that tree again! Now when we pass that tree we think of our memories there.  But instead of thinking of it being the best tree ever we call it the disaster tree!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Science journal

Week: 8: Flight

This week our class has been looking at the difference between flying and gliding. We noticed that flying is a controlled movement, and gliding is not. We have also been looking at the differences between birds and planes, an example of a similarity is, that they both fly. A difference that they both have is that is that birds flap their wings to fly. But planes use a engine and keep their wings in the same place to fly. Another thing that we have been learning about is the four forces of flight lift, thrust, weight and drag. We learnt that weight is pushing the object forwards, drag is a force that acts against thrust, and slows the object down. Thrust is the forward force required to move a plane through the air, and lift is helping the plane to fly.

I had quite a lot of wonderings during this time. This is one: what would happen if the engine stopped working, on a plane? I wonder if the plane would just fall straight down or if it would kind of fall down on a diagonal?

When I am gathering my data I'm I think that I am relational, because I know that the reader can trust my data to be correct, and I know we're to put my findings so that the rest of the writing flows well together. I think that my inferences are also relational, because I know how, why, when and what I need to do to make my inferences reliable and make sense.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Camp high ropes

Knock, knock, knock. We all sit up straight wondering who’s at the door this
The person comes charging in. “You're STILL asleep” Ms Smith says in a surprise squeaky voice. We all moan in a annoying voice “ yeah….  it's like 5:30,am”
after we all stopped moaning she said “Chop Chop were nearly starting our first activity.”

A few hours later I found myself looking up then after about 10,000 meters I saw the top. I thought to myself how on earth am I going to climb up there without falling off! Then after a while of explaining and panicking as worried as I was I finally stepped onto the thin wire. Then one of the instructors Amy shouts out “don't worry you can't fall.”
 I close my eyes and take a deep breath and start to walk “hay I'm starting to get the hang of this.”
I said. Suddenly I start to wobble and you guessed it I fell, but the worst part was that the person holding me up wasn't looking. Then as quickly as I could I grabbed the rope and hung there for a while then finally I started coming down when I was down Amy asked me if I was ok and if I wanted to try again. And in a flash I was up again I jumped onto the wrecking ball and sang I came in like a wrecking ball. I wondered to myself will I fall off again will I hurt myself.

Being scared at camp was not the only feeling I had I was also proud, a lot.
 When I got up to the log, I froze. I thought to myself ok this time it has to be a joke. Am I going to to get to the other side? I sat on the log and attempted to butt-shuffle. Then Amy shouts out “Stand up and walk to the other side - it will be a lot faster than but-shuffling.”
 I think for a second I guess it will be faster to walk. After a lot of thinking I struggled to to stand up. I slowly started walking on the log after a while I got my balance, as soon as I stood up I started feeling very proud because no one in our group had stood up on the log or even got up to the log. As soon as I got to the pole at the end of the log I wondered to myself, what else could I have done instead of walking across?

At camp when I was doing the high ropes I was proud twice when…I finally started to climb up the rings onto the pole. When I got to the top and touched the pole I felt a shiver run down my spine, to me that told me that I was very proud because I had done it and I had achieved my goal that I made at the start ( I did not think that I would actually do it.) Then I wondered how long did it take me to do that course?

Overall I enjoyed high ropes the most because I achieved my goal, pushed myself and I did more than I thought I could do. I think that I achieved more than just the goal that I made at the start, because I also really pushed myself out of my comfort zone because usually I would never go as high as I did.

This is my class at camp!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The strange lady

“Weee!” I joyfully scream, “Wait, what's that strange feeling?”
 I choke with worry, my insides tighten, I swallow - trembling what's happening?
Her curly, fuzzy white hair sticks up on end and with her torn jeans, she edges towards me. My heart's thumping as she takes a step closer, and closer.
‘What should I do? What should I do?’ I think. Suddenly her evil smoke surrounds me in a dark stinky cloud. I take a step back, and another, and another. Suddenly, she takes a step closer, and closer, then all of a sudden someone shouts out…
“Get away from her!”
 The lady freezes like she is under some type of magic spell. Then she finally turns around and looks at my brother, and they start to argue, and argue, and argue, then finally they stop. She looked at us and said…
 “You have ten seconds to go, 10….9…...8…7…” By the time she gets to six we are out of sight running for our lives!

In my writing I think that my punctuation is halfway between relational and extended abstract. I have placed myself there because I have used many types of punctuation correctly in my writing I know how, when and why I need to use them in my writing, and I can help others with their punctuation. I also think that I am relational when I am using my bright sparks words because I have used many bright sparks words and they connect well together to evoke emotion and appeal to the senses. I think that my next steps are to use more bright sparks words to make the reader feel like they are in the writing and this is what is happening around them.